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Nemesis begins with the battle of Mantinea, where the Spartans are confronted by a coalition formed by the Athenian Alcibiades, a man dependent on war for the advancement of his carreer. In spite of poor leadership and a confused tactics, the Spartans prevail, forcing Alciabiades to reconsider his current strategies. In the wake of this Spartan victory, the Athenians wish to avoid a direct confrontation with Sparta, so they embark on an adventure of conquest against the Sicilian city-state of Syracuse. After a single campaign season the Athenian expeditionary force has brought Syracuse tothe verge of surrender. At the very council meeting preparing the surrender terms, a messenger announces the impending arrival of a Spartan commander. This solitary Spartan rallies the desperate Syracusans and accomplishes one of the most astounding reversals in military history.

Nemesis is available in both hard copy and e-book formats.

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