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Jon Edward Martin has possessed a life-long admiration for classical Greek culture, and especially Sparta. Jon Has traveled to Greece, visiting various locales depicted in his novels, from Thermopylai to Sparti, from Olympia to Plataea, all with the intent of adding authenticity to his novels. He has written articles dealing with military history for Challenge Publications, Military History On Line and the journal Sparta, where he is also an advisory editor. In Kithairon's Shadow and The Headlong God of War deal with the Persian War, while Shades of Artemis and Nemesis tell the story of the Spartan Brasidas and his protege Gylippos in the Peloponnesian War.


Astonishingly, many of the ancient batttlefields have changed lttle in 2500 as originally described by the ancient sources. Marathon, Plataea, and Mantinea match the descriptions of Herodotus and Thucydides. Only the terrain at Thermopylai is considerably different, since the Malian gulf has silted in during the last 25 centuries.A visit to modern Greece will not disappoint.

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